Dentures & Retainers


Full Denture

Missing all your teeth? Full dentures can give you back your smile! These custom-made replacements cover your entire jaw, restoring function and confidence. Whether you choose traditional acrylic or flexible material, the process involves several steps to ensure a comfortable, secure fit. While implants offer other benefits, full dentures are often the most cost-effective and convenient option. So, ditch the gap-toothed grin and say hello to a complete, functional smile thanks to this high-quality solution!


Partial Denture

Got some missing teeth but want to keep the healthy ones? Partial dentures are your answer! These custom-made buddies fill in the gaps while leaving your good teeth untouched. They clip onto your existing teeth with clasps for a snug and comfortable fit. Plus, they’re removable, making cleaning a breeze. And the best part? Unlike other options, you can totally eat with them in! Choose from classic acrylic or flexible “Valplast” material (practically indestructible!), and enjoy a smile that lasts 5+ years with proper care. Partial dentures: the friendly, functional way to complete your smile!

dental flipper


Missing a few teeth and need a temporary fix? Flippers are your temporary smile saviors! These acrylic wonders act like removable partial dentures, filling in the gaps until your permanent solution arrives. They’re made to resemble your gums for a natural look and might have clasps for a snug fit. Flippers are also handy if you’re planning implants, keeping your smile complete while your new teeth take root. So, say goodbye to gaps and hello to a temporary smile boost courtesy of these versatile flippers!


Bleaching tray

Ditch the one-size-fits-all! Bleaching trays are like custom-made molds for your smile, designed using fancy 3D technology to perfectly hug your teeth. This ensures the whitening gel stays put and works its magic evenly, giving you a brighter, more radiant smile. Think of them as tiny whitening superheroes, delivering powerful results with maximum comfort and precision.


Essix Retainers

Got a brand new smile thanks to braces, but worried it might drift back? Essix retainers are your invisible heroes! After your orthodontic treatment, these clear, thin plastic shields gently hold your teeth in their new, perfect positions. Think of them like invisible bodyguards, keeping your smile just the way you love it. No more bulky wires or metal – just a comfortable, barely-there fit that keeps your teeth on track. So, ditch the old-school retainers and embrace the sleek, invisible power of Essix!