Dental Crowns


E.max Crown

E.max crowns are the royalty of tooth restorations. Made from cutting-edge lithium disilicate crystals, they’re both stronger and more natural-looking than ever before. Forget metal worries – E.max is 100% metal-free and gentle on your body, so say goodbye to those dark lines around your gums. Not only are they strong, but they also let light shine through beautifully, mimicking the natural translucency of your teeth. Plus, they’re resistant to chips and cracks, making them true champions. Think unbeatable results, incredible looks, and rock-solid durability – that’s the E.max crown promise! So, if you demand the best in versatility, dependability, and strength, look no further than E.max!

Dental crown

Zirconia Crown

Ditch the metal, embrace the natural! Zirconia crowns are the ultimate upgrade for your smile. Made entirely of this super-strong, metal-free material, they’re as tough as metal but boast a beautiful, translucent look that blends seamlessly with your teeth. No more worrying about dark lines around your gums or metal peeking through if your gums recede. Plus, these crowns are hand-painted to perfectly match your surrounding teeth, creating a flawless, natural appearance. And for the grinders out there, rejoice! Zirconia is the ultimate champion, resisting wear and tear like no other. To top it off, the color goes all the way through, so even adjustments won’t affect your stunning new smile. Zirconia crowns: strong, beautiful, and built to last!

Dental crown
dental PFM crown

PFM Crown

Metal Meets Mimicry: Strong & Versatile Metal-Ceramic Crowns These crowns combine a sturdy metal base for strength (think miniature tooth armor!) with a natural-looking porcelain coating. Popular for over 60 years, they’re known for their durability (lasting 30+ years with good care) and can be used for both front and back teeth. However, they might not be suitable for those with metal allergies, and newer materials offer even more natural aesthetics.